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All of this can be done socially remotely and some virtually.

Here are some inexpensive hobbies you can enjoy indoors. All of this can be done socially remotely and some virtually.

Pastry shop

Do you have flour, sugar or milk? Or alternatives that fit your diet? If so, while you’re indoors this winter, you can bake. With the use of everyday kitchen ingredients, it’s an inexpensive way to pass the time. You might even find time to bake some holiday-themed treats.


Cooking is a daily task that can be exciting if you let it. Try grabbing an apron and searching for recipes online to practice cooking new dishes. To make it fun, you can jump on zoom and cook for your friends or make it a contest.


Whether you have a traditional paperback or an e-reader, reading can be a way to travel without ever leaving your couch. You can participate in a reading challenge or even start a virtual book club with friends.


Even if you can’t go to the gym, you can bring the gym to you. Try searching online for home workout videos for using your home equipment or doing bodyweight exercises. Exercise can strengthen your bones, relieve stress and improve your overall health.


Yoga practice can be a form of exercise as well as meditation. This can help improve your mobility and flexibility. All you need for this inexpensive hobby is a yoga mat, which you can find in stores or online for cheap.

Play an instrument

Learning an instrument can help pass the time while stuck inside. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano or just want to pull that guitar out of the garage, this hobby can keep you busy.

With many videos online, you can take music lessons for free!

To learn a new language

With many online language learning apps, sites and videos. You can become bilingual in no time. If you wanted to learn a new language for that planned international trip, now is the time to start.


Starting a podcast can be quick and easy with the many podcasting apps and sites available. For some, it may be inexpensive or even free.


If you want to share your interests and opinions with others, starting a blog might be the best decision to make. You can share your travel tips, favorite cake recipes, or even rewatch movies and TV shows.

Start a YouTube channel

If blogging isn’t for you, starting a YouTube channel can be a good alternative. You can show off your new cooking skills or even create vlogs of your daily life.

With enough views and followers, you can make money on the platform.


If you’re bored at home, maybe it’s time to use that new PS5 or wipe the dust off those old board games. These games can be played with people in your household or with friends online.


Painting can be a relaxing and fun hobby. Whether you want to paint in oils or use watercolors, inexpensive craft supplies can be found at your local craft store or online.


If you have a sewing machine or sewing kit, you can learn how to sew a dress or patch old jeans.


You may already have paper, pens and pencils at home to start drawing. Combined with a random word generator, this can be a fun activity to do with friends or family in person or virtually.


If you have a karaoke machine to dust off, now is the time to dig it up to sing some tunes with family and friends. If you don’t have a machine, no worries. You can sing along to karaoke lyrics videos on YouTube. This can be done with those you live with or with people far away via video chat or Zoom.

Host a streaming party

Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ allow multiple users to watch a TV show or movie at the same time.

Virtual Prize Giving

Hosting a virtual award show can be a fun activity to do virtually with your friends. You can vote for who has the ugliest holiday sweater or the prettiest cupcakes.

PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint parties are a fun idea that has become popular during the pandemic. They can be hosted on video conferencing sites like Zoom or Google Hangouts or Skype. Everyone involved makes a presentation on a random topic and randomly chooses someone else to present it.

Candle making

You can find tons of tutorials online on making candles for beginners. With a little practice, you can create various scented candles that you can even sell for a profit.

soap making

Like candle making, soap making can be learned by watching videos online. You can use everyday household items and maybe a few inexpensive items from the grocery store. These soaps can be for your personal use or be used as gifts.

jewelry making

Another hobby that can make you money while having fun is jewelry making. You can search online for DIY jewelry making tutorials that can teach you how to become proficient in this activity.


Using leftovers around the house, this inexpensive activity can be a great way to pass the time and keep some fun memories.

Online course

Some colleges and universities offer free online courses for anyone who wants to learn. You can learn new skills and get a certificate that you have completed the course.


Clipping and saving coupons can be another enjoyable way to spend your free time. Next time you go shopping, you’ll be glad you did. It can also be a fun way to start budgeting and find articles online for coupon beginners that will teach you how to get the best savings.

homemade ornaments

With items lying around the house or supplies from the craft store, you can get creative and make homemade tree decorations or Christmas stockings.


Whether it’s hip-hop or classical music, you can get moving with YouTube video tutorials and online dance lessons.

In writing

If all that reading has gotten your creativity flowing, try journaling, writing a poem, or even a song. Maybe it’s time to start that book you’ve been wanting to write.

To organise

Taking the time to declutter and organize your home could be the perfect way to spend your time indoors this winter. You can even find articles online on how to make decluttering and organizing fun.

Online surveys

There are many online survey sites where you can visit in your free time and share your opinions. Many sites allow you to earn rewards or money.

Virtual tours

Now you can travel the world without leaving your couch with a variety of online virtual tours. You can visit zoos, museums, Disney World and even the Eiffel Tower from your digital device.

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