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Do you find the idea of ​​spending your entire working day between four walls unthinkable? Here are just a few of the many jobs that could satisfy your need to work outside in the great outdoors.

1. Roofer. If you enjoy manual labor, are in good physical shape and are not afraid of heights, you could make a good living installing and repairing roofs.

2. Land surveyor. Are you interested in math, geography and law? This career combines these three fields of study with field work and office work.

3. Horticulturist. Do you love nature and have an artistic side? You can put these qualities to work, creating and maintaining spectacular gardens. This service is in demand for domestic properties and businesses like golf clubs.

4. Game warden. If you love animals, why not contribute to their protection and conservation? In this line of work, you will enforce regulations that protect wildlife and conduct investigations.

5. Farmer. This occupation is essential to feed the population. Although it can be demanding, it is also rewarding. Whether working the land, raising livestock or a combination of the two, farming offers a wide range of possibilities.

6. Adventure tour guide. If you feel the call of the great outdoors, love human interaction, and are a good leader, this job might be for you. Share your passion with others by leading kayak expeditions or nature hikes.

7. Geologist. If you are fascinated by natural phenomena like cliff erosion, you can observe this process first hand and study its impacts. Remember that some of your work will need to be done in an office.

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