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Today, pop culture is generally dominated by movies, TV shows, and video games. If you look at these forms of media even further, you’ll see that much of our media is influenced by comic books, with Marvel dominating the big screen and big screen.

This can make pop culture a little less diverse, as many products start to feel identical and outdated. This is why many people have turned to different hobbies to add variety to their lives. These hobbies have now become very popular and have entered the mainstream.

Here’s a look at some of these new pop culture pastimes.

card collection

Brands like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh were popular franchises for the card business at the time. However, fueled by nostalgia and a vibrant YouTube trend, these hobbies are now trending for millennials in 2022.

Millions of cards from a wide range of franchises are traded, purchased and unboxed daily, demonstrating just how massive this trend is.

Moreover, the value of these cards demonstrates the enthusiasm with which people engage with them. Just five years ago, the market was not so big, with only really rare varieties selling at high prices. Today, as there is a huge market for these products, special cards that aren’t even that rare can easily fetch you $20 when their equivalent would have only fetched $5 max in the past.


The gaming industry has long been dominated by the same franchises, not to mention that certain genres of games have been the main options for gamers. This has created a thirst for a new experience, which is being quenched by iGaming.

iGaming is the term used to describe the online gaming industry, and it has grown tremendously, quickly becoming a fun and fast-paced entertainment alternative for adults. With iGaming you can play classic games like roulette and poker, with slots also being a very popular choice in the industry.

When playing online casino games for the first time, you should be playing on a good, secure website with quality games and fair win rates. You can find them by comparing the best online casinos to find the one that best suits you and your interests.


Whether you like them or don’t even understand them, NFTs are quickly becoming a big part of pop culture. Representing non-fungible tokens, it is a form of digital asset that can be tracked on the blockchain to determine authenticity and ownership.

Owning an NFT is like owning an original work of art, and a lot of people have been excited about it, helping this interesting internet hobby gain popularity.

They are not without controversy, as many people worry about the prices at which they are sold, but they are definitely part of pop culture.


Pop culture shifts and changes based on the collective consciousness of society. Looking at some of the new hobbies that have entered this cultural zeitgeist is interesting and reveals what we currently enjoy to occupy our free time.