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I’m just a bunch of character traits, attributed to TV series characters from my formative years, glued together.


Karishma Kaa Karishma

Media & Entertainment Alliance

No, I don’t want to work in an office. I want to be adopted by the family of Vikram, the scientist who created me. I want to be my family’s designated crisis solver and the exemplary well-behaved child who is always praised for his genius. Yes, I want to be like Karishma. Or maybe, I just want to have a robot girl summer because that sounds way more fascinating than just having a regular hot girl summer.


Son Bet

Taurus Video

Fruity is no ordinary child. She’s a cool kid. She helps a dove escape her captors. She hangs out with a fairy called Son Pari and, with the help of Son Pari, also protects her father from those who are after his money. On top of that, she’s destined to kill the Dark Fairy and end her legacy. They say you attract what you fear — ah, I’m so afraid of a fairy godmother who will always support me and protect me from the big bad world!


My My Main Main

Main channel

Radha and her mother-in-law, Devki, are part of a mutual adoration society. They love each other to pieces, but God never tells them about it! To protect this highly explosive information and deceive each other, they constantly engage in shouting matches. Their husbands try to intervene but in vain. Although, as you might expect, the deep affection they share can’t always remain latent and it rears its not-so-ugly head again and again.


Courage the cowardly dog

Stretch films

Hey (with the intention of stealing your dog named Courage, who, unbeknownst to you, thwarts nefarious forces to protect you). As a popular saying goes, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the will to continue in spite of itself”, and our hero dog lives up to his name every day. According to recent studies, each of us has Courage hidden within. We just have to free him.


Shaka Laka Boom Boom

UTV Software Communications

I’m not saying that owning Sanju’s magic pencil, which brings things drawn with it to life, would fix me, but I’m just saying that we can’t completely rule that out. Did you always dream of owning this pencil in your childhood or were you not normal?


Hannah Montana

It’s a Laugh Productions/Via

Never ask a woman her age, a man her salary, or Miley Stewart her secret identity as a pop singer named Hannah Montana. She confides in two of her closest friends, who take risks to protect her identity. Miley also has a horse named Blue Jeans, which again is a perfectly normal name for a horse. It’s always nice (and a bit envious) to see teenagers living out my dream. If only my alter egos were as exciting and financially rewarding as Miley’s…


Desperate Housewives

Cherry Productions / Via

Here are some unsolicited life tips: Have an affair with your gardener. Fight someone to win your crush. Hide a prisoner in your basement. Date, even without knowing it, with a man who poisoned your husband. Make a move on your crush as soon as he wakes up from a coma. Pretend pregnancy. Experiment with your sexuality. Be ungovernable. Be like the desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane. You only have one life, so do what brings you joy…or drama, if that’s your thing.


my so called life

ABC Productions

Fifteen-year-old Angela Chase is a ten, but as is often the case with teenage girls (or women in general), she doesn’t know she’s a ten yet. Sometimes the most humiliating thing in the world can be his lust and it has been portrayed through his on-and-off relationship with bad boy Jordan Catalano. Most days she is a tangle of nerves, teenage angst and identity crisis and the remaining days she strives to be a person. As each episode unfolds, we see Angela ticking off all the tasks on her “how to be a cool teen” checklist – drifting away from childhood friends, drifting away from her parents, falling in love. of a man against his best interest, and the like.


dragon tales

Sony Pictures Television

Injecting serotonin won’t be enough because I have to go on an adventure with a sibling duo, Max and Emmy, in Dragon Land. Do we really need to spend our lives working when we can just hang out with friendly, colorful dragons instead? Brothers and dragons learn morals together as they embark on exciting quests. The dragons even have cool badges that glow after overcoming their deadly fears! Whoever’s in charge of the universe has robbed us of a lot of joy and it’s not funny anymore.



UTV Software Communications

Did you know that this is actually the world of Jiya, Radha and Sushma, and we all live in it? Through an ancestral good deed, this holy trinity was endowed with magical powers. After all, why be a normie when you can be a fairy? Jiya is simply in love with Dhruv, who may or may not be in love with someone else. Peppered with sugar, spice, and just the right amount of vice, this heartwarming spectacle inspired us to embrace Roald Dahl’s words and start believing in magic if we really want to find it.


freaks and geeks

Apatow Productions

Set in a fictional Michigan suburb, this show depicts Lindsay Weir’s attempts to traverse the star-mathlete-to-rebellious-teenager pipeline. She joins the “monsters”, hoping to hold on to some kind of personality, but the identities are too complex to be described by binaries. Plus, the journey to self-actualization is a long one, and Lindsay slowly realizes that life isn’t about being submissive (to popular narratives) and reproducing (according to social norms).



MTV Animation

Lord, the sane teenagers you put on earth to live as OG shadow queens, are bound to go through a horror festival, that is, high school. Daria is a teenager. Why should she live, laugh and love when she can be cynical and acerbic instead? The show revolves around Daria’s interactions with various suburban American cliches and high school caricatures and her sardonic ways of unsubscribing from the basics and plastics of the world.



HIT Entertainment

Humanity has done a lot of wrongs, but at least it gave us an anthropomorphic octopus, Oswald, who made kindness his full-time job. He made the wise decision to be best friends with non-humans (a penguin and a flower, to be precise). They speak human language and do human things, but unlike humans, they care the least about dividing and conquering. Oswald’s hobbies include playing the piano, looking after his dog and his friends, and in turn making his hometown, Big City, so livable that everyone will want to buy a one-way ticket to get there. to return. #OswaldForPrez.