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Michael Jessen from 90 day fiance spent quite a bit of time in the summer 2022 news after his divorce from Juliana Custodio became public. The entrepreneur and wine industry expert’s relationship with Brazilian model Juliana was documented in season 7 of the reality series. The couple remained married for two years after getting married and were applauded for their mature relationship with Michael’s ex-wife Sarah, who was also the mother of his children.


Again divorced, Michael is now focusing on his relationship with his children as well as his many businesses and hobbies. Even though Michael and Juliana’s relationship was hugely memorable, Michael remained largely out of the spotlight. Given his commitment to privacy, fans are always eager to learn more about the savvy businessman’s life.

Michael works in an unexpected industry

Michael has created a thriving career in the wine industry. According to the entrepreneur LinkedIn profile, he has been working with wine since 2003. Michael has been employed as a wine distributor, auctioneer and importer in various businesses, including several of his own creation, for almost two decades.

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Michael graduated from Indiana University’s renowned Kelley School of Business in 1999 and worked as a senior consultant at Deloitte for a few years before pursuing a future in wine. In addition to the alcoholic beverage industry, Michael is also a board member of the TJ Martell Foundation, which funds cancer research.

Michael has a surprising business partner

In 2018, Michael became CEO of Licatta, a sparkling wine brand he co-founded with multi-platinum musician Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan. According Liatta’s websitethe wine is a “new luxury standard” and made from grapes grown in a family owned Italian vineyard.

Licatta can be purchased online for $25.00 per 750ml bottle. It is also available in many restaurants and stores across the country. Michael is a huge fan of hip-hop, so it’s no surprise that he’s teaming up with one of the biggest names in the genre to create Licatta. While many popular 90 days stars make a living in surprising jobs, viewers were shocked to learn the extent of Michael’s involvement in the wine industry.

Michael is the executive producer of a podcast

Although Michael may not be one of the 90 days most followed stars on Instagram, he’s become a bonafide businessman, and like many cast members, he’s leaned on his fame to help build profitable businesses. Michael is the executive producer of a critically acclaimed podcast titled Wine and Hip Hopwhich was created by fellow wine industry expert Jermaine Stone of Cru Luv Wines.

According to the podcast’s website, Michael and Jermaine worked together at a well-known wine auction house, and they later formed a partnership. The duo has since collaborated on numerous wine projects.

Michael met Juliana on a yachtJuliana Custodio with Michael Jessen posed for a photo of the 90 Day Fiancé

Michael and Juliana met at a yacht party in Croatia. The Brazilian model spoke little English, so they drank together instead. Michael said he felt like they were “soul mates” the moment he saw her. Even though Juliana was much younger than Michael, he explained that he was surprised by her maturity.

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The couple struggled to be together at first, as Juliana’s visitor visa was rejected and she was unable to travel to the United States. They decided to apply for a K-1 visa, got engaged, and filed the necessary paperwork. There were some issues with Juliana’s application the second time around as well, but she was eventually allowed to enter the country and the couple got married soon after.

Michael and Juliana had a huge age gapMichael Jessen with Juliana Custodio wearing 90 Day Fiance lipstick

Michael and Juliana are among the 90 days couples with large age gaps. Michael is 20 years older than Juliana, who is closer in age to her children than she is to him. When they first met, Juliana was only 23 and Michael was well over 40.

Despite their age difference, cultural divide, and public assumptions about Juliana’s intentions, the couple remained married for two years. Against all odds, the mismatched couple seemed to bond over their love of travel and career aspirations. While Michael focused on his wine business and Juliana nurtured his blossoming modeling career, their age gap seemed less problematic than that of many other couples on the show.

Michael and Juliana are divorcedJuliana Custodio With Michael Jessen Seeming Serious 90 Day Fiance

Many 90 days marriages are short-lived, and Michael and Juliana were no exception. The couple announced their divorce last fall after two years of marriage. Their split got ugly as viewers believed Michael was played by Juliana for money and citizenship. There were even accusations that Juliana cheated on him with his ex-wife Sarah’s husband. Juliana responded by alleging that Michael and Sarah treated her like a maid.

Juliana has since moved out of the country, recently welcoming a baby boy with her fiancé Ben Obscura, with whom she now lives in Germany. Michael also dates him and seems to put the past behind him.

Michael is a father

Michael has two children, Max and CeCe, from his previous marriage. He remained close to his children through his divorce from their mother and his rocky marriage to Juliana, who also appears to have cultivated a sweet relationship with her former stepson and daughter.

Michael is a proud dad and regularly posts about spending quality time with Max and CeCe on trips, out to dinner, and even hanging out at home. Michael taught his children to play pool and guitar and seems to enjoy being a father. He and his ex-wife Sarah have worked hard to put their kids first and co-parent in a healthy way.

Michael is good friends with his ex-wifeJuliana Custodio with Michael Jessen and 90 Day Fiance's ex-wife Sarah

In addition to co-parenting with his ex-wife, Michael and Sarah have remained good friends. Sarah stopped by Michael’s place regularly to give him and Juliana sound advice as they navigated their first relationship.

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Michael and Sarah are so close that he asked her to officiate his marriage to Juliana. While fans were divided over this choice, it seemed to work out for the blended family. Sarah, her husband and the kids even temporarily moved in with Michael and Juliana after a plumbing emergency forced them out of their home.

Michael is a dog loverMichael Jessen with 90 Day Fiancé dog

Michael loves his family’s puppies. They are the stars of her social media pages and even have their own instagram page, which hasn’t seen much activity lately as it was run by Juliana. The family has five adorable doggos named Howard, Sadie, Rosie, Frankie Zappa and Persey.

The dogs featured regularly on the show and are full members of the family. Michael isn’t the only actor whose puppies were known to steal the show. Big Ed Brown, Kenny Niedermeier, and Brandon and Julia, among others, all have dogs that have received quite a bit of airplay.

Michael plays the guitar

90 Day Fiance's Michael Jessen plays guitar

Michael plays guitar, a hobby that seems to have helped him through some tough times. He posted awesome messages videos on Instagram showing off his musical talent and even mentioned that he was working on a reunion tour with his former bandmates.

It’s possible that Michael also plays other instruments, as his band room appears to be fully equipped with drums, amplifiers, pedals, and many other accessories. Either way, it’s clear that music is an important part of his life and viewers are excited to hear more of Michael’s guitar playing.

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