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Is Maguire now the most talked about footballer in the world? Every day, Harry stays trendy! Why is Harry Maguire famous? England defender Harry Maguire has claimed the media slammed him because they knew stories about Manchester United’s most famous captain would generate “clicks”.

“I don’t focus on anybody else and what people say, I think if people can make a story out of me, I’m the captain of Manchester United, that’s going to be big news,” he said. he declares. talkSPORT after their Nations League game.

“So that’s why they do it, they like the clicks, and things like that, but I went to the Euros after an eight-week injury, and I didn’t play a game, and I made Team of the Tournament. In terms of rust, and things like that, I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

Why are England and Manchester United managers defending Harry Maguire?

Trev G says part of a GOOD manager’s job is to protect their players. And that doesn’t just mean taking the heat for them. It also means putting them in the best conditions to succeed.

Sometimes that means you don’t expose them at all. Solskjaer did it and now Southgate is doing the same to Harry Maguire. They continue to choose Maguire during this horrible time.

What Maguire needs is to not continue to be picked, so when he makes a mistake, he gets punished. What Southgate should do and Solskjaer has not done is NOT play Maguire and when he is chosen it should be against players and teams he will not be pressured against.

To regain his confidence, he needs to play against the Andorrans of the world, not against Germany or Spain. It can be demotivating, but continuing to pick him to play against high-quality opponents only exposes him and ultimately gets the manager fired. In these cases, the player and the Manager lose.

The problem I have with the way some pundits defend Maguire isn’t so much the defense itself, it’s the hypocrisy with which they criticize and attack other players for much less.

Relatively speaking, Maguire walks away with a flop in his eye. It’s almost like they think a football team should be structured to get the most out of him.

Why is Harry Maguire famous as a player?

Maguire himself answered this question by saying he is famous because he captains Man Utd

Harry Maguire Stats

Maguire, 29, has played the full 90 minutes in each of his first 71 Premier League appearances, equaling Gary Pallister’s club record, although he couldn’t quite surpass it as he was replaced in the following game against Aston Villa with a minor injury.

Under ten Hag, Manchester United lost their first two opening league matches in which Maguire started, conceding 6 goals.

Maguire joined United in an £80m deal from Leicester in August 2019, a sum which remains the highest ever paid for a defender. With that assessment comes pressure, but the centre-back thrived in his new surroundings and was made captain the following January following Ashley Young’s move to Inter.

According to football statistics center FBref, in his six league matches so far, Maguire’s partner Martinez has won 75% of his aerial duels (nine in total). The 24-year-old is the best among his fellow United defenders for headers won and tackles completed, justifying the awarding of the club’s Player of the Month award for August.

Reason why Maguire is famous in the media

“United fans don’t like to be negative and would love to see Maguire resurgence for United or even elsewhere. However, the reason the media is absolutely critical of Maguire is because his team and allies are constantly leaking and campaigning in the media. to blame it on others.

“First Ronaldo led too much, then it was the Portuguese-speaking clique, and recently it’s De Gea’s fault if he’s not as good as Varane and Martinez,” explained Mark Schoeman.

Just own the fight and keep fighting, and a lot more people will be in your corner than not.

Is Harry Maguire the captain of Man Utd? Yes, Maguire is still the main captain on the bench with Bruno Fernandes taking the armband as vice-captain.

When did Maguire become United captain?

He became Utd captain on January 17, 2020. Harry Maguire made his Man United debut in their Premier League season opener, a 4-0 home win over Chelsea on August 11, and received the man of the match award.

On January 17, 2020, the former Leicester centre-back was named the club’s new captain by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær following Ashley Young’s departure to Inter Milan.

Harry Maguire is famous for his reckless defense?

One thing about poor Harry is certain. Southgate needs to develop a pair and stop playing Maguire. He is no longer a professional footballer. Harry Maguire is becoming more and more popular because he is a living Meme on how NOT to defend.

What’s wrong with Harry Maguire? ! SportsFila.Com look at a full analysis of the struggling Man Utd defender

Sources close to Harry Maguire have blamed David de Gea and his defensive partners for his discomfort at Manchester United. In an ESPN video, Sam reviews Mark Ogden’s in-depth article on Maguire and how he is bringing the Man United captain back into the spotlight once again.

Throwing his teammates under the bus, failing to correct self-awareness and taking responsibility for his performance, while deflecting on his failures because previous managers always singled him out…. How does this dilemma help the team for the wrong reasons?

I still strongly believe it’s in Maguire’s contract to have the captaincy and make appearances (even if it’s for the last minute of the game) and it seems those sources are his agents who are bothered by this .

We’ve never seen Maguire bring the same consistency, hunger and communication that Varane and Martinez brought. It’s even more shocking that as captain he didn’t succeed. Maguire is no longer a manager’s favorite and rightly so…that won’t earn him a place in the starting XI under Erik ten Hag.

Maguire must teach himself these 2 words (self-awareness and responsibility). Everything he says now cannot be undone and I believe that due to his own naivety or overconfidence he has created his own unhappiness and his own mistakes.

I don’t see him coming back to the starting lineup after that. Stop trying to blame everyone for once and take some responsibility as a leader,

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