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Passions and hobbies are the aspects that can help describe the personality of a human being. The blog discusses Taylor Swift’s 10 hobbies you need to know.

OWhen it comes to the subject of musical artists, the name that is buzzing a lot is Taylor Alison Swift. The 32-year-old American singer-songwriter has given so many of his musical contributions to be treasured. The entertainer has been an inspiration among all age groups looking to excel in their respective careers. Well, today let’s take a look at some of the star singer’s hobbies other than her musical life:

  • Cooking and baking – Taylor is a person who likes to spend some of his precious time in the kitchen. She can randomly open any page of her cookbook to scroll through the recipe and come up with a dish with her magic touch. She sometimes creates completely new dishes herself. Speaking of baking, the singer loves baking cakes and pancakes.

Taylor Swift

  • Antique shopping – Taylor often shop for antiques. She likes to dig and find an item that may suit her interest. it has a huge collection of antiques. Once in an interview she said, “One of my new hobbies is…antique shopping, and not just neat and organized antique shopping. I really like the ones where there’s so much bullshit to dig into, you can find absolute treasures for nothing.
  • love for animals – Anyone visiting her Instagram page can get the testimony that she is an unconditional animal lover. The singer loves watching TV shows with three of her cats, namely Benjamin Button, Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson. The singer also said that cats have played a huge role in shaping her professional life and have brought real joy and happiness to her life.

Taylor Swift

  • Songwriting as relief – Songs are an integral part of Taylor’s life. However, Taylor deals with songwriting not only because she is a singer, but she uses it as a stress reliever. It is one of the most talked about hobbies of the American singer. She also enjoys writing about her observations of everyday life and her experiences.
  • Make snow globes – Not all artists are experts in arts and crafts. However, when it comes to Taylor Swift, the artist is a big fan of snow globes. She shared many photos of her snow globes that she made herself. In 2011, the singer posted a photo of eight snow globes and jars on her Instagram page, captioning it, “Homemade snow globes with friends. The whole fleet!
  • Enthusiastic learner – Taylor Swift participates in numerous world tours and always performs with all her energy on stage. Therefore, she visits many countries in a calendar year. Once in an interview with David Letterman, the singer revealed her love for learning a few phrases in new languages. She tries to learn a bit of each native language of each nation she visits. She then also showed her impressive ability to say a few sentences in Japanese.
  • like to write – There are only a few artists and musicians of the current generation who indulge in writing a book. Well, Taylor has her own book written many years ago. When the singer was only 12 years old, she wrote a 350-page novel, but the book has not yet been published. Taylor Swift also dreams of writing her autobiography in which she will share all the experiences she has had throughout her life.
  • Home and cooking reality TV lover – She loves watching reality shows about home and food. Barefoot Contessa and Fixer Upper are some of the shows she likes the most. She likes to know more about home design and renovation and all the facts about it. Reality TV shows are one of the most appealing and interesting parts of everyone’s life, and in Taylor’s case, it’s no different.
  • fast food lover – Yes, Taylor is indeed a big fan of fast food. Taylor’s music video for the track “You Need To Calm Down” featured a burgers and fries costume for her and Katy Perry. After the release of the music video, the world learned that she was also a fan of these dishes in real life. She once told an online news publisher, “I like comfort food. I love burgers and fries, I love ice cream so much, and I love baking cookies.
  • like to dance – Not all singer-songwriters like to dance in their spare time. Nevertheless, the American star loves to dance whenever she is away from her regular job. Dancing is one of Swift’s favorite hobbies that she wants to do a lot. Although she’s known for her awkward dance moves, hobbies aren’t judged by how people perform them, but how they hold them in their hearts.

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